Link Love For Writers, Friday April 15

Venus Williams Book Signing
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Autographs Come to Ebooks

This looks like the beginning of something with potential: the ability to sign ebooks in person and even at a distance. It’s in its infancy now, but expect more advanced ideas and methods to come if it proves profitable. I’m thinking that Amazon will be all over this one.

There will have to be safeguards to prevent autograph theft or duplication, especially when it comes to celebrities signing digitally. But if they can find a way to secure megabuck transfers digitally, they can find a way to secure digital signatures.
Watch a televised ebook signing.

Arianna Huffington Bashes Blogger’s $105 Million Lawsuit

Huffington talks about how the game has changed and that now everyone is willing to write for free. I enjoy reading The Huffington Post as much as anyone. But sorry, Arianna, but when your business gets bought for $315 million, the game changes for YOU! And having this kind of negative huffy-puffy attitude about it doesn’t help.

Book Apps: The Next Big Thing?

What’s next on the ebook front you ask? Author Mob allows you to publish and sell iPhone, iPad, and soon-to-be Android apps for your ebooks!


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