Link Love For Writers, Friday April 29

April 29, 2011

Features, interviews, and stories from around the web that inspired or enlightened me over the past week.

Aspiring Authors Get Help Online
On Tuesday, Penguin Group USA, the publisher of Tom Clancy and Nora Roberts, unveiled Book Country, a Web site for writers of genre fiction. The site allows writers to post their own work, whether a chapter or a full manuscript, and receive critiques from other users. Penguin hopes the site will attract agents, editors, and publishers scouting for new talent, and will allow writers to produce work with more polish and direction than they could otherwise. Read more about this on the New York Times website.

This seems to be the public beta version, which means they are still testing the site and things may be a little buggy. If you find a problem they’d like you to report it so they can fix it. Still, this is a major publisher so the site is probably going to work fairly well even in beta..

Zadie Smith’s Rules for Writers
She gets right to the heart of things. My favorite is rule #2. “When an adult, try to read your own work as a stranger would read it, or even better, as an enemy would.” New authors are often not critical enough of their own work.

Cringe-Worthy Grammar Mistakes
Grammar mistakes in photos for all to see. Doesn’t get much worse than that!

Book Store in Boulder, Colorado, to Charge $5-$10 for Author Events
Seriously? They plan to charge people who attend the events. I mean, aren’t these stores hurting just about now? Seems counterproductive.

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