Link Love For Writers, Week of 3/27

Link Love For Writers

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Things from around the web that inspired or enlightened me over the past week–

What Makes a Good Sex Scene?
Over at judges discuss their favorite (and least favorite) finalists in the delicate art of erotic writing. Excerpts included.

What’s the Best Font for a Book?
According to this article in GalleyCat, the number one typeface for books is Minion. More here from the original source,, where the fonts were tallied.

Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing: Which Way Will You Make More Money?
This ever popular topic was also discussed here on Writer Revealed earlier this week.

Google +1Button
Coming from Google. Allows you to show support for a Google search result. It has only been rolled out randomly to a select few, but you can enroll here if you’re one of those types who just can’t wait and have to be on top of new things. If you use it, be sure to show some love for your favorite literary websites and blogs.



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