Link Love For Writers, Friday May 20

Great tips and tools for writers—especially for those who self-publish or those of you who are doing it on your own for whatever reason.

Five Tips for Making an Author Video
Tips for making an author video on your own. I’ve never done this so I can’t advise. However, I am pretty handy with a camera and these photography tips ring true.

Six Ebook Formatting Tools
More tips for all you “do-it-yourselfers.” A list of tools to help you make your books available in the eBook format. Unfortunately, the link to the first site in the list, Calibre, is broken on the eBookNewser website. (What’s up with that eBookNewser?!) Here’s the correct link to Calibre—clicky!

Dr. Oz’s Guide to Staying on Your Feet
Not exactly a tip meant for writers, but when award-winning author Carleen Brice tweeted that she spent half her writing time standing up, I had to find out why. Turns out working on your feet may be great advice for writers since we spend so much time on our rear ends. Get up out of those chairs writers! For your own good.

Fueling Fiction With Nonfiction
How reading nonfiction can help fiction writers with vocabulary, setting, character development and more. This is a fresh approach for getting into your characters and the setting. I’ll definitely try this tip in the future.

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